What you should know about Peter Liang & Daniel Holtzclaw

If you know of these two names, then you know that they were involved very different situations. However, both were cops, and both have been convicted for horrible crimes against black victims. Both are Asian Americans. For those who don’t know these two men, here are some updates you should know with hyperlinks for the full story. On November 20th, 2014 in New York City, former officer Peter Liang opened fire on a staircase, and the bullet ricochet and fatally hit Akai Gurley, a 28 year black man. He was “found guilty of official misconduct…

The Myth that Killed Akai Gurley

A conversation between myself, Evan Yi, and our guest Jaela McDonald. Jaela McDonald is a Sociology major at Davidson College who also serves as a Student Health Advisor and Secretary of the Textures Healthy Hair Club. We discuss the recent conviction of Chinese-American police officer Peter Liang, who killed African-American Akai Gurley in a housing project in Brooklyn, and the problematic protests that reveal the rampancy of the model minority myth and anti-blackness in the Asian-American community. Read about Akai Gurley here. Length: 25 mins (worth every second though!)