Our Davidson Asian dad

This is Mount Fuji. Besides the name, it’s unrelated to Fuji, our advisor of this independent study class the past semester.

The first time I officially met Fuji was at his house. The Asian Culture & Awareness Association had a welcome dinner in the beginning of my freshmen year. His living and dining room were so packed that some people ate their Singapore noodles standing up. He was sitting on his couch, looking completely at ease in his crowded home and poking fun at various students with his boisterous voice.

This photo is actually from 2013 because I couldn't find a good one of him on the couch in 2012. Sophomore Kaylie is to the left and our friend Lauren is on the right.
This photo is actually from 2013 because I couldn’t find a good one of him on the couch in 2012. Sophomore Kaylie is to the left and our friend Lauren is on the right.

One day, I needed to complete an ACAA form and needed Fuji’s name to reenter him as the organization’s advisor, but I couldn’t find Fuji via our school’s webmail. So I combed through the faculty list of Anthropology professors and learned Fuji is actually named Eriberto Lozado.

From his website: http://lozada.davidson.edu/
From his website: http://lozada.davidson.edu/

I found out Fuji is a Harvard grad with a B.S. in Chemistry and Physics, a M.A. in East Asian Studies, and a Ph.D in Social Anthropology. I remember thinking, “Well, I guess that makes sense” because Fuji really is smart, “but still wow” because he’s always been incredibly humble that I didn’t know of all his accomplishments.live streaming movie Raw online

He is part of the Anthropology department, Environmental Science department, Digital Studies department, and the head of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies. He’s obviously a busy man but he still managed to find the time and energy to advise 7 curious undergraduate Asians in a subject that none of us were formally taught, including Fuji himself. He did the readings with us on top of reading our blogs and listening to our podcasts.

To show our appreciation, after much deliberation and talking behind Fuji’s back, the 7 of us bought him the first book we read as a class, A History of Asian Americans: Strangers from a Different Shore by Ronald Takaki.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 8.51.25 AM

I wrote in the book we gave to Fuji that he’s a great dude multiple times. And he really is that. He has been open and real with us as our professor, our advisor, and our Davidson Asian dad. Thanks, Fuji.

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