“Asians Do Poetry Too!” Vol. 1

I think there’s an unfortunate assumption among younger Americans that poetry is from and for old, dead, white men when, in fact, poetry has such a rich history. With that in mind, I want to kick off an ExpectAsian series titled “Asians Do Poetry Too!”, where I upload recordings of my reading both my own poetry and the works of great Asian American poets. This first one is an original piece titled “Sleeping Dog”. I’ve included the text of the poem along with a photo of the Ozarks, where I grew up.


Sleeping Dog


The foothills of the Ozarks

move at night

when nobody is watching,

except for me.


This Arkansas countryside

has never done me any favors

while it has been awake.

I have always feared


the way it could envelope

all of me with a single breath

like some great wolf.

The boy from which I grew


is still stuck between the teeth

of the Ozarks, waiting for the eastern

sundown to deliver him beyond

the horizon.


When the night comes,

he will be the only witness

to the secrets of this landscape,

unfolding in the tongue of mutts.



from http://photosofarkansas.com/tag/arkansas-images/






Find Vol. 2 of the series by Iqra Tabassum here.

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