Part 2: Asian American Health Issues and Barriers

“Current information about the biological and genetic characteristics of [ethnic minorities] does not explain the health disparities experienced by these groups compared with the white, non-Hispanic population in the United States. These disparities are believed to be the result of the complex interaction among genetic variations, environmental factors, and specific health behaviors.”

-Healthy People 2010 (“Asian American Health Research: Baseline Data and Funding” – Chandak Ghosh)

Introduction Question:

Do you know of any health issues or barriers Asian Americans or other ethnic groups might face?

Suggested Reading:

Historical Issues and Barriers of Asian American: Trinh-Shevrin, Chau, Nadia Shilpi Islam, and Mariano Jose Rey. Asian American Communities and Health: Context, Research, Policy, and Action. (Ch. 1 & 4)


Listen to this NPR on the issues Asian Americans face within public health and analyze the graphs below.

Click to enlarge.

AA caridovascular diseasesAA health behaviors AA psych AA vaccination AA weight


Discussion Questions:

  1. Should research for Asian Americans be disaggregated? What are the pros and cons of doing so?
  2. Should research for other racial groups be disaggregated as well? Why?
  3. Do you think disaggregated research will benefit certain subgroups more than others? Why?

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