Masculinity Session 1: Discourse in Media

Introduction through new media and pop culture


Answer the bulleted questions in discussion among peers or in writing independently.

  • What stereotypes comes to mind when you think about Asian American men and masculinity? Spend about five minutes brainstorming and free-writing about whatever comes to mind. Think about how stereotypes might be beneficial or harmful.
  • How does the media perpetuate such stereotypes about Asian American masculinity?
  • What impact does new media, such as YouTube, have on perceptions of Asian American masculinity?


Select two YouTube clips that are created by and/or portray Asian American men. For each video, discuss/answer the following questions with your peers, or document in writing:

  • How does the video portray Asian American men?
  • Does the video affirm or reject stereotypes about Asian American masculinity? In what ways does it do so?



Anthony, N. (2014, May 27). Asian American masculinity: A study in new media. Retrieved from

  • What are your reactions to this video?
  • What are some practices that Asian American men use to construct masculinity mentioned in the above video?
  • Do you agree or disagree with the critical analysis of such practices in the video above? Why or why not?
  • How can the discourse around masculinity in media and pop culture today be changed to break down stereotypes?


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