Arrival in Miami

The day was December 25th, my father, my sister, and I just landed from a 24+ hour journey at Miami International Airport.  Stereotypes of America reinforced by the prominence of western television raced through all of our minds. I even thought it would be snowing since that was what happened when it was Christmas in the United States.  We were walking through the airport and the people I saw there surprised me.  In my head I was expecting to see white people with blonde hair and blue eyes bustling about in a Christmas day rush, but instead I was greeted with pure Miami.  I walked into a busy airport bustling about with Spanglish dominating the cacophony, and instead of pale skin and blonde hair surrounding me, the people were tan with black or brown hair.  The surprise did not end there however, the eToro好吗 second we stepped outside I was greeted by a familiar humidity.  My expectations were completely shattered.  I was surrounded by Cubans, Venezuelans, Colombians, etc. The sheer diversity blew my mind.  Even going to school I was put into the ESOL program because I was not completely proficient in speaking English I felt a certain solidarity with all the immigrant kids in the class trying to learn English to make it in this American school system.  Going into the public school system in Miami exposed me to different types of cultures and traditions from all over the globe.  From Ecuador to India there was no shortage of diversity.  I would later discover that my initial childhood stereotypes of America would eventually be fulfilled as I moved away for college to the small town of Davidson, North Carolina.

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