Kaylie Tram

Hey y’all, I would like to welcome you to the Expect Asian website! Hopefully, you’ll find something on here that piques your interest and discover something new! I’m Kaylie, a senior at Davidson College from North Carolina. I am a pre-health anthropology major with a chemistry minor. Graduation is coming up for me in a few months so, as many people have been asking me lately, my future plans after college involves a gap year before applying to physician assistant school. Within that gap year, I’ll be finishing up some pre-requisites and working on my clinical hours. With this career in mind, it’s only natural that for this site, my posts will be focused on the public health of Asian Americans. Specifically, I’ll take a look at the effects of race and language on quality of care, cancer, and sexual activity. My goal for this site is to provide an accessible way for people to learn more about Asian American culture, influence, and history. Expect Asian also serves as a personal way for me to further increase my knowledge on Asian Americans from my own research and from my peers. This site will be part of learning process for me and I hope it will be one for you as well. I look forward to interacting with you guys more as we create blog posts, podcasts, and videos